Qualities of a Self-disciplined person; A story on temptation

How does a Self-disciplined person behave?

A self-disciplined person doesn’t get too emotional. Following qualities naturally develop in him: calmness, simplicity, contentment, reverence, truthfulness, integrity, altruism, patience, gentleness, cheerfulness, and virtuousness. He makes everyone happy. He doesn’t get disturbed due to jealousy or hatred for anyone. Therefore, he experiences joy and fearlessness in life. He has no enemies. He has no futile worries. So he sleeps comfortably and deeply. And he is always diligent in fulfilling his duties.

Whenever self-discipline is discussed, it’s natural to remember Lord Ram. He established the highest ideals of restraint and discipline. He lived with high moral conduct while facing extreme challenges and is remembered as Maryada Purushottam (Excellent in Dignity). If you want to see the best example of a self-disciplined person in the history of India, do get inspired by Lord Ram’s life.

An interesting story – Temptations on the Way

There was a king. Once, he announced that he would distribute all his treasures among those reaching his palace within four hours. And he will deport them from his kingdom, who won’t arrive by then. Various means of enjoyment and luxuries were arranged on the way from the city to the palace. All rare and delicious food items were available. Dancing-Singing troupes and many beautiful scenes were there at various places. The people of the city started for the palace. Most people either indulged in eating and drinking, watching dance and spectacle, or got entangled in other tempting attachments. So, they could not reach the palace at the appointed time. They kept thinking, “At least enjoy these arrangements. There is plenty of time to reach the palace. We will walk a little faster and reach inside the palace in time.” They indulged so that they did not regain awareness in time. There were also some wise men. Those people thought, “First reach the king, get the treasure, then it will be seen. What is the status of these trivial things in front of the immense wealth of the state?” Thinking this, they went straight towards the palace. The king’s authority was divided among those few wise and knowledgeable people.

God is the king. The world and the things of the world are attachments. They are the obstacles in the way of reaching near God. The ignorant get trapped in it. The wise try to avoid this and reach directly to God. The world is transitory. Human beings keep coming and going in this. Devotion is to dedicate all deeds to God and to be immersed in the wave of God’s love.

How was the story?

In the next and final article of the self-discipline series, we will understand some wisdom on control of the mind and senses.

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